Is anyone else still absolutely disgusted with Mike's coverage of UNLV sports and that absolute hatchet job over the name? Every time I see that he has published an article or sends out a tweet after his false confederate and racism claims over Hey Reb and the Rebel name, I see red, errr scarlett.
I am boycotting all of his content and have tried to reach out to Ray Brewer a few times through the Sun's website, only to have their "Contact Us" option say that it's not accepting feedback or something similar.
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I don't put much stock in what a lot of the Vegas sports media members write or say about UNLV. Some are much better than others, generally the folks who are from Vegas or who have at least been here for longer than 25 years, compared to the ones who have been here a few years, with no connection to UNLV and deliver an outsider's perspective at best, and an antagonist perspective at worst, any time they talk about the Rebels. 

Somebody with UNLV history and context and appreciation for the school could have written any number of accurate stories that not only address the sensitive topic of racism, but provide insight and actually represent the situation correctly. You're just not going to get that from certain individuals in the Vegas sports media market.
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