Here is what the local press is reporting about Justin Rogers:
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Sometimes a fresh start is all you need to ignite your abilities.

Former UNLV QB Jason Thomas suffered a nasty dislocated foot injury during HS in Compton. If not for the quick action of medical trainers he was at risk of losing his foot to amputation. He signed with USC but never got onto the field, and subsequently transferred to UNLV.

His first season at UNLV as a sophomore he was unstoppable and the Rebels clobbered Arkansas in the Las Vegas Bowl.

Ironically, right after that season JT had a minor shoulder injury that required minor surgery. It was thought to be nothing and UNLV launched a full Heisman candidate campaign entering his junior season. But JT was never the same after the shoulder issue and struggled to even throw a spiral ever again. In fact, the first game after the surgery UNLV opened up at Arkansas and JT was 4/16 for 40 yards with 3 INTs. It got so bad UNLV abandoned the Heisman campaign in week 3 and eventually Thomas was benched altogether, replaced by Kurt Nantkes.

Every injury is different and unique so you never know what impact it will have.

Right now it’s all speculation with Justin Rogers. He hasn’t done anything yet, but he doesn’t appear to be crippled in any way either. I’m excited to see what he can do. He may surprise the heck out of everybody, or he may be a step behind one of our other QBs and be a backup. But either way I’m glad he’s a Rebel and I look forward to seeing him develop.  

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Right on, I won’t be too shocked if he does good. And not disappointed if he is limited. Spring camp can’t come fast enough! 
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