Ryan Reaves has been labeled throughout his NHL career with titles such as “Big Boy”, the “Biggest Dog in the Yard”, and “Lion in the Jungle”, to name just a few. His reputation is known across the league as being a player who enjoys talking the talk, but especially one who likes walking the walk.

Another example of this occurred last night in Game 3 of Vegas’s matchup against San Jose, when Reaves clashed with the Sharks’ forward, Evander Kane—Kane being a physical player in his own right as evidenced by dishing out multiple hard blows to Reaves’ fists with his head before falling down on the ice.

Fans love Reaves because he’s a tough guy, but even more so because he’s a fun tough guy. After exchanging punches with Kane, Reaves smiled ear to ear, a contagious gesture that even evoked a smile from Kane himself all while the song ‘Baby Shark Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo’ played over the arena’s sound system.

Both players skated off the ice to tell their teammates about the fight, one as the winner, and the other as a glorified punching bag.

Golden Knights fans adore Reaves for his good-nature, and often playful personality. It’s not uncommon to see Reaves joking with the media, stirring up laughter, or engaging in playful antics with his teammates and the fans.

When one reporter informed Ryan Reaves that he had scored more goals against the Anaheim Ducks, five, than on any other team, Reaves acted pleasantly surprised, and responded by asking, “I have five goals in my career?”

Golden Knights fans are not alone in their admiration, either.

“Man, I love [Reaves]! I wish he was still playing for the Penguins,” expressed a fan from Pittsburgh.

“It’s a shame the Blues got rid of [Reaves] when they were restructuring,” exclaimed another fan from St. Louis. “We could really use that physical element on the skill team we have right now.”

Of course, not every NHL fan loves Ryan Reaves. There’s always some hockey fans who find themselves overcome with jealousy that Reaves is having too much fun in Las Vegas, playing in the playoffs for the best NHL franchise, in the best NHL city, among the best NHL fan base, and winning.

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